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Прогноз землетрясений, 2016

Station  for the forecasting of earthquakes


3D tectonic structure of earth crust of Caspian Sea 


Elchin Khalilov during a meeting with His Royal Highness Sultan of Yogyakarta - Hamengku Buwono X. 


Station for Earthquakes Forecasting "ATROPATENA-ID" installed in Indonesia.


Video-animation 3D structure of a zone of Benioff on Caspian Sea 


3D structure of Benioff zone of Caspian Sea 


Press conference of Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov in Indonesia 


Elchin Khalilov and Academician Nikolai Laverov co-chairs of World Forum GEOCATACLYSM- 2011


Elchin Khalilov congratulates Prof. Dr. Walter Kofler with 60th anniversary.


Elchin Khalilov during a meeting with Yuan Tseh Lee Nobel Prize Laureate 


Gravitational constant variations 4D


9/25/2015 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- West Coast Active -- Large unrest hits Pacific


ATROPATENA  station on World Forum GEOCATACLYSM-2011, Istambul (Turkish TV)


Speech of Vice President of RAS of Prof. Dr. Nikolay Pavlovich Laverov


Dancing  Building Technology, Turkish TV, 2011


Seismic Stable Bricks


Forecasting  of Strong Earthquakes  for  Istanbul (Turkish TV)


Prof. Elchin Khalilov speech about new technology of the forecasting of earthquakes - ATROPATENA station (Turkish TV)


Speech of Prof Elchin Khalilov at International Congress King of Organs (Saudi  Arabia, Al Ahsa, 2012)


Prof. Elchin Khalilov  about  ATROPATENA  Station in Turkey


Interview to Prof.Dr. Elchin Khalilov (Turkish TV)


Seismic  Stable  Technology (Russian TV)


Earth changes its shape


Spatial structure of the Benioff zone in the Caspian Sea


Dancing Buildings Tachnology - DBT


Prof. Halilov depremi nasıl tahmin ediyor (Turkish TV)


Start of the end  (Russian TV)


Strange sounds of the Earth


Strange Sounds in the Sky Vancouver Island, Canada


Speech of Franz Halberg on Conference


Elchin Halilov on  TV channel "WORLD"(THE CIS) - Technologies of break


The beginning of Armagedona: Interview to Prof. Elchinom Halilovym


Elchin Halilov in a film Noise of the Earth (Russian TV)


International Congress GEOCATACLYSM - 2011


Elchin Khalilov - Dans Eden Bina


The impact of gravitational waves on the planets. 3D

P - tectonic waves. 3D