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Future Conferences


Prof.Elchin Khalilov announced the preparation of the international conference on earthquake prediction in 2016. International Conference on seismic risk and earthquake prediction is planned by the World Organization for Scientific Cooperation (WOSCO), Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes (GNFE) and International Committee on Global Geological and Environmental Changes (IC GEOCHANGE).

Location and time of the conference are currently being discussed. It will be the third large-scale and authoritative conference organized by WOSCO.

We remind you that the first conference was held in Baku (Azerbaijan) on 24-27 September 2007 under the name "Natural cataclysms and global problems of modern civilization." 

The conference was held jointly with the International Academy of Science (H&E) and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan. The conference were attended by scientists from more than 30 countries. The second conference was held in Istanbul (Turkey), 19-21 September 2011. It was called: World Forum - International Congress on Natural disasters "Natural cataclysms and global problems of modern civilization." In the Forum in Istanbul were attended by scientists from more than 40 countries. The resolution now has been directed to the Secretary General of the United Nations, European Commission, Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, in the authoritative international organizations and to the heads of states.

CONGRESS LEADERS: Honorary Chairman: Prof. Dr. Franz Halberg, Honorary Director of the Halberg Chronobiology Center (USA, Minneapolis); Honorary Co-Chairmen: Prof. Dr. Nikolay Laverov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President of the National Center for Development of Innovative Technologies (Russia, Moscow); Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, Senior Advisor on Climate change and Development in the Planning Commission of Pakistan in the status of State Minister (Pakistan, Islamabad); Prof. Dr. Walter Kofler, President of the International Council of Scientific Development/International Academy of Science Health and Ecology (Austria, Innsbruck);

Chairman:  Prof. Dr. Elchin Khalilov, Chairman of the International Committee on Global Geological and Environmental Change (Germany, Munich)

Co-Chairmen: Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, President of  the  Pakistan  Academy  of  Sciences, Coordinator General COMSTECH (Pakistan, Islamabad); Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bulut Vice Rector of Ondokuz Mayıs University (Samsun,  Turkey).