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International Station for the Forecasting of Earthquakes ATROPATENA-AZ3, Baku, Azerbaijan

New modification:
Atropatena  Crystal (Kh10) - Technological brand



    New modification 2015:
ATROPATENA  Crystal / Kh2015


The new modification of the ATROPATENA Crystal earthquake forecast station located at the Scientific Research Institute of Prognosis and Study of Earthquakes in Baku, Azerbaijan, will make it possible to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of short-term earthquake forecasting. The WOSCO Information Agency quotes Prof. Elchin Khalilov, President of the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes, as saying that unlike its previous analogs, ATROPATENA Crystal has equal sensitivity in all directions. This is a very important feature since it requires only one station at each registration point to monitor three-dimensional gravitational field variations in all directions. The new model of the station employs gravitational laser sensors of an improved design, and new electronic components and software as well.

ATROPATENA-AZ3 Crystal was included in the GNFE Global Network and brought into operation on 14 April 2010. A few hours after being started, the station had already registered intense gravitational anomalies coming from sources located in different directions from the station, which allowed earthquake forecasts to be made for several directions simultaneously.

According to many experts, ATROPATENA Crystal is a technological brand. The word "Crystal" in the station’s name refers to the specific appearance of the station which resembles a huge crystal. The new station will enable GNFE to better monitor the seismic situation in the southern and south-western directions covering territories of the Middle East and Southern Europe.

Since 2010, production of the new ATROPATENA Crystal station model has been carried out in GNFE’s Research and Production Center in Istanbul, Turkey.