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Victor Yefimovich Khain

Academician of the USSR AS and RAS,
Honoured Professor of M. V. Lomonosov MSU,
Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences,
Honorary President of WOSCO,
Honorary President of International Academy of Science H&E

Presidium of the International Academy of Science – Health and Ecology (Austria, Innsbruck) express their deep sympathy to the family and friends, relatives, colleagues and pupils of the outstanding scientist in geology, patriarch of world geology, USSR and Russian AS Academician, Honorary President of the International Academy of Science, Honored Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences Victor Efimovich Khain over his untimely decease.

Until his last days, Victor Efimovich Khain worked selflessly for the sake of science. Despite his respectable age, Victor Efimovich always remained modern and asked-for, his thoughts and ideas keeping pace with time; he was on the wave of the latest scientific achievements. His scientific researches made an invaluable contribution to development of the modern natural science, to cognition and discovery of new laws of nature. Several generations of Victor Efimovich’s students, many of whom are known scientists, continue to develop his ideas and scientific researches.

The passing of the outstanding scientist of worldwide reputation, wonderful man and colleague, true humanist, is a great loss for world science and society. With his selfless work, enthusiasm, erudition and talent of a scientist and teacher Victor Efimovich Khain has left a deep mark in world science and in the hearts of people who used to know and love him.

Members of the International Academy of Sciences, together with his family and friends, are mourning for the untimely departed friend, colleague and companion.